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Bring your decorating ideas alive

The creative use of paint, wallpaper, borders  and fabric can transform a home or office into a beautiful environment. Whether you are doing the decorating yourself or working with a professional interior designer Seagull Painting and Paperhanging can help make your vision a reality. Every room will get the TLC and attention to detail necessary for the quality look you expect and deserve.

Choosing Paint Colors

How do I even begin to choose paint colors?

1. Begin at the beginning: 

decide what  features and existing finishes in the room  are permanent. Consider cabinets, tile,  carpet, brick etc.

2. Create a focal point: 

Emphasize attractive architectural features like crown molding or arched windows.

3. Unify the Color flow :

Unify rooms by using a common color palette. Create distinct spaces by altering the shade and hue within the common palette.

4. Emphasize or minimize:

Color can emphasize certain features and minimize others. A long narrow room will look wider if you use a slightly darker color on the shorter walls

and a lighter color on the longer walls. You can make a ceiling appear higher by using a lighter color, or lower with a darker color. To give a big room a more intimate feel, use paint  colors that advance toward you, like red, gold, orange and brown.  To help a small room seem larger, use paint colors that make them appear to recede, such as blue, green or violet.

5. Consider your Light Sources:

Remember that the color you choose may look different at various times of the day and night.  The warm tones of incandescent lights will have a different influence on the color than the natural light of day.  Once you're aware of how different light sources can affect your color choices, you can change your room's "mood" to match the pace of your day.

There are so many colors to choose from making the right choice takes time and patience. But, again, have fun with it. After all you will be living with your choices for quite a while.

Looking through magazines, home decorating publications and researching on the internet will help you with creative ideas. Check out displays at your local Home Depot or Lowes and see what is available.

Once you have come up with some ideas discuss them with your painting professionals at Seagull Painting & Paper Hanging.


Choosing Wallpaper

What about wallpaper how can I choose the right look for my home or office?

Choosing the right wall covering can be a daunting task. Patience is definitely a virtue when starting your search. While you'll find information about the covering on the label, here are four easy tips to consider in making your selection. 


1. What is the function of the room?

2. What are the current colors and  furnishings?

3. What kind of look are you going for?
i.e. sophisticated, casual, simple etc.

4. What kind of paper do I want to use?

There are several types of wall covering to choose from; paper backed vinyl, solid vinyl, fabric-backed etc. Eventually, every wall covering will have to be removed so this is an important factor to the kind of paper you use. Most wall coverings are washable or scrubbable, considerations especially important in kitchens and baths. 

Same as choosing paint colors looking through magazines, home decorating publications and researching the internet will help you with creative ideas. You can also check out displays at your local suppliers and see what is available. Depending on the use of the room, talk to your Seagull Painting and Paper Hanging professional and let them help with your decision.

The creative use of wallpaper, borders, paint and fabric can transform a home or office into a beautiful work of art. 

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"Off the Wall"

Teaching an "Old wall new tricks" is not as easy as you think, the prep work alone can be daunting. But don't worry, with our help you can have even your dreariest walls looking great again in absolutely no time at all. 

Endless Options

When it comes to paint and wall paper, the options are endless. You can do paint only, wall paper only or both! Wallpaper is a great & imaginative way to add character & style to just about any room. From clean, crisp and professional to quirky, fun and charming we can do it all. If you have a vision feel free to share it with us and we will assist you in getting exactly what you want.

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